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Mark Haselau

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Nickname: The Hoff

Date of Birth: 22/07/1975

Former Club: Gonubie Villagers

Favourite Players: Adam Gilcrist, Jacques Kallis, Allan Donald

Favourite Shot: Flat bat cover drive

Drink of Choice: Castle Light

One of the earlier Rollers members, Mark Haselau disappeared from the scene for a few years before returning in 2014 - and with a beard that puts Daniel Vettori's to shame. If his bat swing matched his golf swing, he would be playing international cricket. But it doesn't. In fact, he hit nearly half of his overall runs in one knock. A handy late innings bowler, he patiently waited for Jacques Laubscher to retire to claim his spot in the gully. A true team player, master of the hammer, and one of the funniest guys to share a field with.

Overall Rollers Stats (since 2007/08)

Debut: 2003/04

Innings: 30

Runs: 136

Average: 6.18

Highest Score: 39

6s/4s: 2/10

Overs: 35

Wickets: 11

Average: 21.36

Best Bowling: 0.3-0-1-2

RPO: 6.71

Catches: 7

* Last updated 06/11/2023

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