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Rollers Legends

Rollers chairman Dave Hillman & Nico Rheeder

The characters that have – and some still do – represented the Rollers over the past 16 years include names such as:

Achmat Williams A talkative wicket-keeper who could convince any batsman to leave his crease to attempt hitting a six, especially against Graham ‘Boom Boom’ Wilson.

Graham Wilson Graham was a spin bowler of great repute for many years in League cricket; his stock ball was bowled very slowly and tossed high into the sky, grenade style. Best remembered for his large tongue used to lick one side of the ball, no matter where on their bodies the rest of the team were shining the ball.

Wayne Martens A stylish and forceful batsman who enjoyed chasing both opposition and team members around the field if they were too ‘lippy’ and disrespectful, intent on enforcing some manners.

Pierre Marais An experienced opening bat who fearlessly took on young quicks without wearing a helmet and in the process earning the nickname ‘Noddy’ after taking three balls in one over on the head. And he lives to tell the tale.

Jacques Wahl An ex-Boland provincial left-hand batsman, fine spin bowler and fun conversationalist in the slip cordon. The Rollers ‘Secret Weapon’ when the game was not on track for a win.

Nico Rheeder Known far and wide as ‘Slang’, who on his day can take any bowling attack apart and then bamboozle the opposing batsmen with his ‘Leggies’. One of three players who have taken a hat-trick for the Rollers.

Jacques Laubscher A classy batsman in his day with a Premier League hundred to his name. Known to the team as ‘Scooter’ because of his arm twitches whilst batting, but punishes any ball that is short outside the off stump with a flashing cut shot perfected over the years. Jacques captained the side for a few years and is also the maker of fine pizzas at his home, where the team hangs out on social days.

Jakes Oberholzer A talented all-round cricketer with Premier League hundreds and a swing bowler of note. He puts a lot back into the games that he plays by passing on advice and tips to the younger players, as well as the captain, earning the nickname of ‘Coach’ from the team.

And, of course, Dave Hillman Dave Hillman has been the driving force behind the Rollers since its inception, for many years single-handedly keeping the side going at great personal expense. A father-figure to most of the team and one of the greatest guys you will ever meet, he was quite the cricketer as well, having played top-level cricket for many years and stood tall against the pace of Mike Proctor and Co. A motorbike accident put paid to his playing career, but he remains the heartbeat of the side and the shrewdest cricket brain around.

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