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Scattering of the Ashes – Graham Wilson

The Rollers were represented at the scattering of Graham’s ashes at Newlands Cricket Stadium this morning. Graham’s wife Lynette and her family welcomed Jacques, Achmat, Omar and I and thanked us for attending. The Western Province Cricket administrators were fantastic.

On our arrival, the flags at the Stadium were flying at ‘Half Mast’ which was a nice gesture from the Stadium Administrators. There was a hive of activity as the field and wicket were being prepared for the Momentum One Day Cup match between the Cape Cobra’s and the Chevrolet Knights tomorrow. The Cape Cobra team members were practising and their Coach Gogga Adams came over to chat.

The advertising banners had been painted onto the grass and the stadium seemed to silence at the moment the Koeberg/Rollers former opening pair of Scooter and Achmat walked out onto the hallowed turf, followed the our No. 3 batsman of yesteryear Omar Effendi and the ex Skipper. I feel sorry that the cricketing public never had the opportunity to see us play in a stadium of this magnitude…..

It was decided that it would please Graham if his ashes were scattered in his usual fielding position which was slightly behind Square Leg on the boundary, and that just happened to be in front of that famous spot called ‘Castle Corner’.

Achmat was called upon to read a verse about Graham and the other team members present from ‘The Koeberg Cricket Lament’ which I wrote in April 1994, after our team won the League title.

According to Andre Odendaal, the Stadium Chairman, Graham’s Ashes have joined those of two great ‘Springbok’ cricketers, the late Eddie Barlow and Hylton Ackerman. Note I said ‘Springbok’ and not ‘Proteas’.

I can imagine Graham in deep discussion with those two gentlemen as they sit on a fluffy cloud with a cold beer in hand, explaining the intricacies of spin bowling and how they should have played it….

I will always toast to Graham as I enjoy watching cricket at Newlands with a cold beer in my hand seated at Castle Corner.

I attach the Koeberg Cricket Lament for the newer Rollers to enjoy and inclusion on our website as piece of Rollers history if it is not already there.

‘Shot’ Graham and Rest in Peace.

Dave Hillman

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