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Andrew Young

Updated: May 25, 2022

Nickname: Sticks/Bruce Banner

Date of Birth: 16/02/1977

Former Clubs: Koeberg CC, Durbanville CC, Whyteleafe CC, Reed CC, BAT CC

Favourite Player: Allan Donald, Malcolm Marshall, Ryan Cooper

Favourite Shot: Practice cover drive on way back to the hut

Drink of Choice: Fucking expensive Gin & craft tonic with pomegranate pips, lime zest shavings and mineral water ice served in a crystal glass

After a brief stint at Koeberg CC, Andrew Young spent most of his club career in England, scaring batsmen with his fierce pace and extended vocabulary. The pace has since departed, but the talking is more than ever, and usually about himself, especially in his role as fines master. These days he bowls gentle away swingers which has seen him scoop two Best Bowler awards, while he is occasionally handy with the bat, and has come to the rescue more than once with a half-century. He also has one of the safest pair of hands in the team, but getting to the ball with half-a-knee is a problem.

Overall Rollers Stats

Debut: 2010

Innings: 64

Runs: 886

Average: 16.41

Highest Score: 67

6s/4s: 30/74

Overs: 344.5

Wickets: 80

Average: 19.56

Best Bowling: 7-5-15-5

RPO: 4.54

Catches: 21 (plus 2 run-out)

* Last updated 25/05/2022

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