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Hannes Engelbrecht

Updated: May 25, 2022

Nickname: Haas Date of Birth: 1/12/1976 in Cape Town Former Clubs: Koeberg CC, Durbanville CC Favourite Player: David Boon Favourite Shot: Flat Bat Drink of Choice: Brandy & Water

Ja … where to start? Arguably the most unique human-being you will ever meet, Hannes Engelbrecht combines razor-sharp wit with classic West Coast humour to make every fielding experience a memorable one. The perennial ‘Chirp of the Season’ award holder, he used to be a fine bowler before suffering the yips, and only lost his long-standing ‘longest over’ record because Louis Pretorius had a meltdown. Sharp in the field and more than handy with the bat, he used to hold, with Ryan Cooper, the Rollers record for biggest partnership – 149 against Claremont Gents in 2011/12. He has in recent years withdrawn from the cricket field to focus on squash, and is now representing South Africa's Masters team.

Overall Rollers Stats (since 2007/08)


Innings: 51

Runs: 656

Average: 17.7

Highest Score: 69

Overs: 125

Wickets: 23

Average: 28.8

Best Bowling: 6-1-9-2

Catches: 16

Last Updated: 25/05/2022

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