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Izak de Beer

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Nickname: Sakkie

Date of Birth: 01/08/1979

Former Clubs: 'Bounce - Midrand 2001'/West Coast Legends

Favourite Player: Me - kidding, probably Ryan Cooper - or if we being serious then Hansie Cronje/Jonty Rhodes

Favourite Shot: Tequila, or cover drive

Drink of Choice: Coolaid or perhaps the odd Whiskey

Izak de Beer is never going to smash a bowling attack apart or run through a batting line-up (hence the profile pic), but what he will do is make your fielding experience an utterly enjoyable one. Never slow to dish out the verbal abuse (mostly directed at his teammates), he is a very good fielder in his own right. Famously strode to the crease at No 3 against Wellington in one of the worst states ever seen on a cricket field after getting stuck into the Gin & Tonics on the sidelines.

Overall Rollers Stats

Debut: 2016

Innings: 6

Runs: 20

Average: 4

Highest Score: 6

6s/4s: 0/0

Overs: 16.3

Wickets: 4

Average: 26.25

Best Bowling: 2-0-2-1

RPO: 6.56

Catches: 4

Correct as at 21/11/2022

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