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Jacques Laubscher

Updated: May 25, 2022

Nickname: Scooter

Date of Birth: 19th Century

Former Clubs: Koeberg CC

Favourite Player:

Favourite Shot: Cut

Drink of Choice: Red Heart Rum

A classy batsman in his day with a Premier League hundred to his name. Known as ‘Scooter’ because of his arm twitches whilst batting, he punishes any ball that is short outside the off stump (and sometimes on middle stump) with a flashing cut shot perfected over the years. A very handy off-spin bowler, he was the Rollers' Player of the Year in 2009/10. Captained the side for a few years, but is spending his remaining cricket days firmly planted in the gully region. Once ran a three against Scorpions and tore his hamstring, and holds the unofficial world record for the longest time taken to walk from gully to gully.

Overall Rollers Stats (since 2007/08)

Debut: 1995

Innings: 71

Runs: 682

Average: 15.5

Highest Score: 49

6s/4s: 1/72

Overs: 345.1

Wickets: 84

Average: 20.1

Best Bowling: 3-0-12-5

RPO: 4.9

Catches: 28 (plus 1 run-out)

Last Updated: 25/05/2022

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