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Jarryd van Wyk

Updated: Jan 29

Nickname: Figjam/Juice

Date of Birth: 26/10/1994

Former Clubs: Bellville CC, Durbanville CC

Favourite Player: AB de Villiers

Favourite Shot: Lofted straight drive

Drink of Choice: Jack Daniels on the rocks

Jarryd van Wyk announced himself to the FCA in some style, scoring an unbeaten 74 in just his second game. It took a while for him to live up to that hype, but in recent months he has been a model of consistency - and oftentimes a game-winner. He used to entertain with tails of his exploits at Danskraal the night before, but these days he is a father and slightly better behaved. Jarryd used to be big and strong (thanks to the 'roids) but with a voice like David Beckham, and also has a bowling action which makes Ryan Cooper's look as smooth as Dale Steyn's. Scored his first ton for the Rollers in 2022/23, earning him that season's Best Player award.

Overall Rollers Stats

Debut: 2015/16

Innings: 39

Runs: 1187

Average: 40.93

Highest Score: 122*

6s/4s: 52/126

Overs: 61.3

Wickets: 16

Average: 19.5

Best Bowling: 3-1-7-3

RPO: 5.11

Catches: 14

* Last updated 29/01/2024

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