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Michael van Dewenter

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Nickname: Big Mike

Date of Birth: 31/07/1992

Former Club: Goodwood CC

Favourite Players: Jacques Kallis, Brian Lara, Kevin Pietersen

Favourite Shot: Cover Drive

Drink of Choice: Brandy & Coke

Michael van Dewenter's Rollers' career can very clearly be broken into two phases ... pre-Ryan Cooper's bachelors, and post-Ryan Cooper's bachelors. When he made his debut back in 2012, he wouldn't say a word and drank Coke for fines, now we can't get him to shut up and Klipdrift's sales have risen exponentially. A solid line and length bowler with a knack for picking up wickets, he is also the Rollers' star batsman - in the nets. Became the latest in a long line of reluctant captains when he took over the armband at the start of the 2020/21 season.

Overall Rollers Stats

Debut: 2012

Innings: 75

Runs: 856

Average: 14.76

Highest Score: 70

6s/4s: 17/73

Overs: 365.1

Wickets: 93

Average: 17.31

Best Bowling: 4.4-1-5-4

RPO: 4.41

Catches: 19 (plus 9 run-outs)

* Last updated 21/11/2022

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