Ruan de Jongh

Updated: Apr 12

Nickname: -

Date of Birth: 21/11/1980

Former Club: -

Favourite Player: Shaun Pollock

Favourite Shot: Tequila

Drink of Choice: Mooiuizight Brandy & Coke

Another of the new recruits in the last few seasons, Ruan de Jongh brings a level of enthusiasm to his fielding which is second to none. Unsurprisingly has scooped the Best Fielder award for the last two seasons, while also contributing with the odd wicket with his slow left-arm. Once rocked up with the back of his bat painted entirely black, arguing it's a deterrent to people wanting to steal it at Action Cricket.

Overall Rollers Stats

Debut: 2015/16

Innings: 23

Runs: 110

Average: 6.88

Highest Score: 29

6s/4s: 2/12

Overs: 57.3

Wickets: 13

Average: 25.85

Best Bowling: 2-0-9-2

RPO: 5.89

Catches: 15 (plus 2 run-outs)

* Last updated 12/04/2021

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