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Claude Louw

Updated: May 25, 2022

Nickname: Clouw

Date of Birth: 15/07/1976

Former Clubs: Koeberg CC, Durbanville CC

Favourite Player: Adrian Kuiper, Adam Gilchrist, Shaunn Pollock, Allan Donald, Rudi Bryson

Favourite Shot: Sweep

Drink of Choice: Ricky Louw & Coke

Another Koeberg CC alumni, Claude Louw was one of the founding members of the long-haired quartet at the club which also featured Ryan Cooper, Trevor White and Robin Marais. The hair is considerably shorter (and greyer) these days, but he remains a class act with the ball - when he is fit enough to play. He is the only Roller who has a trophy named after him - the Claude Louw Geriatrics Award, given to the player with the most injuries. A very good batsmen with all the time in the world, but loses his wicket roughly 90% of the time trying to sweep.

Overall Rollers Stats (since 2007/08)

Debut: 1998

Innings: 24

Runs: 397

Average: 18

Highest Score: 52*

6s/4s: 7/47

Overs: 137.4

Wickets: 32

Average: 18.2

Best Bowling: 7-1-39-5

RPO: 4.2

Catches: 6

Last updated on 25/05/2025

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